Be Better is the product of 16 years empirical research and professional insight in sustainable development. It is the missing component in driving conscious consumption.Be Better is a business for purpose and was formed with the aim: to put sustainability at the heart of all business, community and individual decisions.  

We believe that one of the biggest hurdles to the adoption of more sustainable practices is the lack of fact based information delivered without the lens of brand marketing or political agenda. So we created Be Better to fix that problem, because making sustainability easy to engage with is bigger than all of that.

Lots will change over the next few years in how we apply sustainable practices and even in how we use the word sustainability. Over the next few months we will see greenwashing policies and environmental bills that will tighten up what brands can and can't say around sustainability, as well as what their responsibilities will be to the environment. This is really good news as the lack of clarity has resulted in the word sustainability being worryingly overused and misunderstood - often with consumers and the environment paying the price.