January 2, 2003

Invitation - Be Better Founder Membership?

Do you want to Be Better at sustainability but don't know where to start? 

We help individuals and organisations see that adopting to sustainability is actually the aspiration choice.

Photographed by Tom Smith

Words by Illana adamson

Natural Resources park in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. (Photograph by Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Be Better is the product of 16 years empirical research and professional insight in sustainable development.

It is the missing component in driving conscious consumption.

Our aim:

to put sustainability at the heart of all business, community and individual decisions

How we use the word 'sustainability' will change dramatically over the forthcoming months and years.

We believe that one of the biggest hurdles to the adoption of more sustainable practices is the lack of fact based information delivered without the lens of brand marketing or political agenda. So we created Be Better to fix that problem, because making sustainability easy to engage with is bigger than all of that.

Lots will change over the next few years in how we apply sustainable practices and even in how we use the word sustainability. Over the next few months we will see greenwashing policies and environmental bills that will tighten up what brands can and can't say around sustainability, as well as what their responsibilities will be to the environment. This is really good news as the lack of clarity has resulted in the word sustainability being worryingly overused and misunderstood - often with consumers and the environment paying the price.

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Be Better really want to illuminate a path to a sustainable future that resonates with the differing and equally important values at individual, community or organisational level. We provide a community space to inspire the paradigm shift in behaviour that is paramount for a sustainable future for us all. Ultimately we want to inspire and mobilise change by showing that alternative choices are far more desirable.

Our biggest luxury is our planet and the most aspirational thing we can do is protect it.

To do this we have curated sustainability knowledge in the following formats: 



News channel that fixes the lack of unfiltered information around sustainability


Shared platform to encourage peer learning though the sharing of tips and insights (fact based & cited content)


Full service agency of sustainability experts to help businesses to embed strategic frameworks + create credible marketing


Curated box of conscious upgrades to your lifestyle - delivered to your home


10+ year sustainable study into the changing attitudes of affluent consumers 

Coming soon:        

A directory of sustainable brands doing brilliant things - to streamline conscious consumption. we can't wait to introduce you!


We really want to work collectively to illuminate a path to a sustainable future that resonates with the differing and equally important values at individual, community or organisational level.


16 years ago our Founder Illana Illana foresaw the paradigm shift in consumer behaviour. This coincided with her falling pregnant and wanting to do all she could so that our children and their children inhered a better world than we were likely to leave. She committed to understanding the science of sustainable development by undertaking academic and professional work so that her knowledge would provide a firm foundation on which brands can confidently create their roadmap to a sustainable future.  She has a BSc Hons in Sustainable Development and underwent IEMA training to understand the highest standard frameworks, audits and reporting for firms.

Be Better is born from Illana’s genuine appreciation of the heritage brands that she grew up around.  She believes that "when one understands the cultural biography of an item, then the value is elevated infinitely.  And when we covet something, it does not end up in landfill.  So, if we are to fix the unsustainable nature of consumption, we first need fix the cultural tendency to over-consume items that we don't really value.

Be Better sits uniquely at the intersection of luxury consumption and sustainability, we are uniquely positioned to elevate sustainable future luxury and position it as the

Illana has a history of 25+ years working with brands including: TheOrient Express Group, LVMH, Bond Street Association, Cartier, Dunhill, Rolex, Asprey, Watches of Switzerland, Theo Fennell, Tiffany, Ascari Cars and Private Racetrack,Holland and Holland, Quintessentially, UBS, ICAP, Gumball 3000, Working TitleFilms, Bright Young Things, Absolutely Fabulous, Land Rover, Margaret Thatcher,Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Stephen Fry, Orland Bloom, Kate Moss, David Beckham+++.



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