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Understanding Sustainability for Business

5 minute read

A 6 module foundation course in sustainability.

'Climate mitigation is biggest challenge of our lifetime - we need every business, department and individual to up-skill'

Greenwashing webinar - global guidance

5 minute read

2023 will see a significant change in how we can speak about sustainability - use this webinar to ensure you are up to date on best practice and legislation

We are hosting 2 options of the 45minute webinar: December 14th 2022 at midday or January 16th 2023 at 10am

Future Luxury

20 minute read

The global luxury goods market was valued at 217 billion euro's in 2020. We ask if there will be anything more luxurious, to future generations, than the natural world and the earths natural systems on which we depend?

Life Force of the Ocean

5 minute read

Zakia is a self proclaimed nerd, shark lover and ocean ambassador. She works tirelessly to educate and engage every age range on the crucial role that the ocean plays. and we think that she is a phenomenal force for sustainability.

Wild Thing

5 minute read

Emerging from a year of lockdowns I, for one, cannot wait to get out under the stars for a few nights.

Tentshare (a sort of AirBnB for tents) is the brainchild of the brilliant Rebecca we are chatting summer and speed tenting...

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