May 1, 2021

Wild Thing

Emerging from a year of lockdowns I, for one, cannot wait to get out under the stars for a few nights.

Tentshare (a sort of AirBnB for tents) is the brainchild of the brilliant Rebecca we are chatting summer and speed tenting...

Rebecca Heaps, Founder Tentshare

Illana Adamson, Founder Be Better

Image: Daniel Ap

Tentshare is part of the sharing economy.  It is a people to people tent lending platform,  a kind of Fresh-Airbnb for tents! They co-ordinate a network of tent owners across the UK so that campers can find various tent renting options close to their destination.


Here is a fast fire Q & A with Rebecca Heaps; sustainability champion and Tentshare founder:

Q: How did Tentshare come into existence?

A: I love the shared economy concept, it really spoke to me and there are just so many tents out there that only get used once or twice a year. If we are really trying to tackle climate change, a big part of the solution is finding more ways to use the items that have already been produced. When I realised that tent owners were sitting on assets that they can make a profit from, and that campers can save money (and carbon footprint) by renting a tent from someone else… Well almost overnight Tentshare became a bit of a passion project for me.

Q: What do Tenshare do?

A: We host the portfolio of tents on our website and manage the transactions between tent owner and tent renter.  We have a system in place to prevent damage to tents.

Q: How’s it going?

A: As we come out of lockdown there is a far bigger demand than we were expecting.  There seems to be a massive need to spend time in nature. Through lockdown I managed to increase our portfolio of tents, but I do want to extend my supplier base further by signing up more tent owners. Peer to peer sharing really ticks lots of boxes for sustainability, signing up is easier than listing something on Ebay, it’s free and it helps the planet and both parties pocket’s. So it is a win for everyone, and the planet too!

Q:  What is your favourite (most sustainable) mode of transport?

A:  A push bike… although my daughter has recently “borrowed” it and it is more than an hour away…

Q:  Most nostalgic track?

A: Centipede by Knife Party. (Wait for the drop...)

Q:  How does Tentshare reflect your personal values?

A: Our Tentshare pledge says it all: TENT: Trustworthiness,Equality, Nature and Tolerance and tranquilly.

Q:  What sets Tentshare apart?

A: There isn’t anyone else is in the UK renting tents peer to peer…

Q:  What is the most frustrating thing about trying to live or work sustainably?

A:  In all honesty I still have to check myself when I occasionally get sucked into the advertising culture that dominates our lives. I think we all have to be aware of this daily.


Q:  Brand, person or place that motivates you to be more conscious in your choices?

A:  My daughters are the world to me and their future.  Actually, thinking about their future is how I started seeking sustainable solutions in the first place.

Q:  What is a luxury?

A: At the moment I really love handmade soaps that smell gorgeous but my camping luxury is 4 sheepskins sewn together that i sleep on (they live on my sofa usually..) They are perfect to keep you warm in colder temperatures, or cool when it is warm outside.

Q:  How would you prioritise the following:  friends & family, laughter, learning, nature, food, wine, water…

A: Nature, Friends & family, Learning and laughter, Food, Wine, Water (oh no I need water to stay alive don’t i?)

A: What would you say to someone that has never camped before?

Rent a tent before you buy one. Try camping in your back garden first. You don’t have to travel far to experience the wonder of sleeping under the stars.

Over and above anything else, focus on creating a comfortable nights sleep. Get this right and guarantee yourself a fantastic holiday.

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