November 28, 2022

Greenwashing webinar - global guidance

2023 will see a significant change in how we can speak about sustainability - use this webinar to ensure you are up to date on best practice and legislation

We are hosting 2 options of the 45minute webinar: December 14th 2022 at midday or January 16th 2023 at 10am

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Words by illana adamson

Illana is one of the world's leading experts in greenwashing, she will be hosting this event in person with time given for Q&A.

What you need to know

After this 45 minute webinar you will understand:

Are you Greenwashing?

40% of firms are greenwashing - largely this is not deliberate its a lack of knowledge in how to navigate the underpinning science

Can you be Greenwashing if you are committed to sustainability?

Regardless of your status or care in supply chain you can still greenwash if you don't understand the nuances of the underpinning science - (including Being B-Corp's, Fairtrade, Organic, GOTZ, Soil Association, Fairtrade or Vegan etc).  Credibility and compliance are at vulnerable when brands mislead customers with their claims.

The 'what'?

The increase in ‘rampant’ greenwashing over the past few years has seen a significant shift fromThe UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in regulating the language that organisations can use about environmental claims.  

This “CMA guidance on environmental claims on goods and services” applies to all goods and services selling to UK consumers - became enforceable in January 2022.

Why is this happening?

1 - To protect consumers from unfair practices or misleading claims

2 - To make markets work well for consumers and businesses

3 - To elevate brands that are genuine in better environmental choices

4 - Greenwashing doesn’t help us  leave the planet in  shape for our children

The 'how'...

Rather than firms deliberately greenwashing most often this happens  when marketing teams are unfamiliar with the science that underpins environmental strategies.  It is important to correct as companies making misleading claims (deliberately or not) leads to consumers making ill advised choices, and the market becoming unfair for businesses that are investing in environmental protection.

Webinar - includes Q&A




We are hosting 2 x 45minute webinars:

December 14th 2022 midday

January 16th 2023 10am

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